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Monthly Thriller and Mystery Subscription


Over the next few weeks I’ll be rolling out some partnerships and programs, that I hope you’ll love as much as I do. And I couldn’t be more thrilled today to introduce my first monthly book subscription program, and its most wonderful curator.

Monthly Book Subscription - Mysteries, Crime, and Thrillers, selected by Crime by the Book

I first worked with the blogger/bookstagrammer/thriller aficionado behind Crime by the Book when I was a publicist. Occasionally I’d send her a copy of a new book we had coming out in the hopes she would fall in love and tell her kajillions of fans about it. I quickly learned that not only is she lovely, smart, and a true whiz at the whole social media thing, she has admirably wide-ranging and spectacularly good taste in mysteries and thrillers. She jumped out quickly to me, and I know I’m not alone, as a reader’s voice that could be trusted — not just hyping the latest big thing, but following her instincts, moving seamlessly from the latest Nordic blockbuster to hidden gems that could too easily get buried. I highly recommend following her on Instagram and bookmarking her blog.

So I was thrilled when she agreed to curate a monthly book subscription for Greedy Reads. Sign up for six months or a year, and every month, you’ll receive a new title hand-selected by Crime by the Book and a short letter explaining why she chose that title. Most of the selections will be new releases, though she may throw in a older title every once in a while, that she feels was overlooked. And like I said, she knows good books.

Q&A with Crime by the Book

Thank you so much for doing this with Greedy Reads! When I started talking to people in the neighborhood about the bookstore, I heard from so many that they can’t get enough mysteries and thrillers.

What do you think it is about these books that has so many people hooked?

Thank you so much for asking me to join in - this is going to be so fun! That's a great question. I tend to think that there are two levels to the appeal of crime fiction. At surface level, these books are just plain fun to read - and that's something to be celebrated! There's nothing like the feeling of getting genuinely hooked on a book - and crime fiction offers so many opportunities for this to happen, whether you're a fan of classic murder mysteries, psychological suspense, action thrillers, or anything in between. If you dig just a bit deeper, though, there's a weight and substance to crime fiction that is what I think gives it its staying power. I've always considered crime fiction a supremely honest genre: it shows us some of the worst in ourselves, but it also depicts ordinary people doing the best they can to combat that darkness. It brings readers face to face with issues worthy of discussion, ranging from mental illness to domestic abuse to discrimination and abuse of power, and it does so in a package that's digestible and engaging. It's that potent blend of entertainment and insight that always keeps me coming back for more, and I'm confident I'm not alone there.

I have to ask — how many books do you read in a typical month?

My answer to this question honestly varies month by month! I'm a huge believer in reading each book in the way that feels right to you. Some books are meant to be binge-read, and others you just want to savor—and both are totally legitimate reading styles! I've had months where I've read just a couple really hefty crime novels - and others where I've breezed through a whole lineup of addictive, fast-paced thrillers. Depending on the type of crime novels I'm reading, I read between 6-12 books a month. (Like I said, it's quite a range!)

What will you be looking for when you’re selecting books? What will you be looking for when you’re selecting books?

One of the things I think we have most in common is that we both love finding those "diamonds in the rough", and that's exactly what I'll be looking for when selecting books. Nothing excites me more than finding a crime book that does something new and different - whether that's a debut novel or a seasoned author who is taking a totally new approach to their work. There are so many crime books (and books in general!) being released all the time, my goal is always to cut through the noise and find that something special that deserves to be on your reading list - and that's exactly what I'll be looking for here, too.

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