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This is really happening!

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Greedy Reads will open its doors on February 25!

I’m writing this on February 13, which means that in just under two weeks, we’ll be open for business. This is serving me equal parts joy, panic, excitement, and nerves, and frankly, a little bit of a stomachache. I can’t wait.
f you’ve walked past the store in the past few weeks, you’ve likely seen me opening boxes, unpacking boxes, breaking down boxes, piling boxes.....you get the idea. But maybe you’ve also seen me agonizing over what books should go on which bookcases; moving the tote bags from one side of the room to the other; piling books that will eventually go on tables and then changing my mind and piling up a different set of books. Or maybe you’ve seen me standing outside, taking pictures of the storefront that sometimes I really feel like I can’t stop looking at.

I’ve been working hard to create a space that I hope will be fun, surprising, comfortable, inspiring, and relaxing. Let’s face it; things probably won’t be perfect right off the bat. Maybe the tote bags will go back where they originally were, or I’ll learn that I’m not stocking enough of something that y’all are clamoring for. I’ve been lucky enough to hear from a lot of you, about what you hope to see and love to read, and I want to learn more. Together, we’ll make Greedy Reads a book bonanza for Fells Point and for Baltimore, and once again, I can’t wait.
I’ll have some fun partnerships and events to announce soon. But for now, a few dates to remember!Feb 25 - Opening day! We’ll be here from 12-6; stop by and say hi!

March 21 - Greedy Reads Inaugural Book Club Meeting
April 25 - Pratt Library and City Lit Presents
View our Events Calendar!

Thanks for following along with my progress, and for letting me know when I’m on the right track. I’ll see you on February 25! (Have I mentioned I can’t wait?)